In 1893, Members of the Women’s Temperance League met to form a home for “destitute women and their children.” They requested a dime per household and as the dimes added up, the first home was open in February, 1894 and was called the Blount County Industrial Home. The name was changed to the Blount County Children’s Home (BCCH) in 1955. Several homes later, the community again helped to raise 85% of the monies needed to build the home in its current location at 901 McCammon Ave in Maryville, TN.

While BCCH no longer provides residential services, the mission to provide quality services to children and families has never wavered. The agency remains committed to its mission “to strengthen families and help children and young adults reach their full potential.”  BCCH relies heavily on a volunteer workforce and currently employs two full-time employees as well as two contractual staff members, one full-time instructor and six volunteer staff members. Recently, in early 2013, the name changed from Blount County Children’s Home to the Historic Blount County Children’s Home.

The Historic Blount County Children’s Home has been a part of Blount County for over 100 years and is pleased to be able to offer Gardner Place (Supervised Visitations), Kick Nic (Kicking Nicotine), Healers of Conflict (Family Mediation)Active Parenting Today (Parenting Skills) , and FFASN-UP programs to the community that has supported it.

Gardner Place is a supervised visitation and peaceful exchange program.  

Kick Nic (Kicking Nicotine) is a juvenile tobacco cessation course.

Healers of Conflict is a program that connects low cost or pro bono Rule 31 mediators with low income parents.

Cooperative Parenting classes are offered to divorcing parents and fulfill the court-ordered co-parenting education course required by the state of Tennessee.

FFASN-UP is a new program.